Birthday Cake and Pink Cotton Candy!

We are so excited to share with you two on trend flavors from the Frostline® Frozen Treats lineup! You can email us directly at to have a sales representative reach out to you!

Birthday Cake - A Celebration in Every Bite!

Give your customers a reason to celebrate with the creamy decadent flavor of comforting and on-trend Frostline® Birthday Cake Flavored Soft Serve Mix, Artificially Flavored. Vibrant flavors provide an experience of “Home-Made” goodness in a frozen treat.

Pink Cotton Candy – A Flavor Carousel of Sweet Nostalgia!

Bring sunshine and fun times with the delectably sweet flavor of Frostline® Pink Cotton Candy Flavored Soft Serve Mix, Artificially Flavored. This amusing flavor creates smiles and delights crowds of any age!